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This animation is pretty good along with the other two you have currently submitted. The animation was smooth and the sound effects were alright and nicely synced. Some of the parts were really funny and fun to watch. But I got the feeling that it was just over to quickly.

Good job and keep up the good work.

cobra0528 responds:


very nice

this is a very nice flash with smooth animation. It is a very nice peice inspired by animator vs. Animation. I wouldn't call this a rip off. I would call it a more of a tributation of the other flash that everyone liked or a version you created within your own vison. And this flash is pretty much just as great as the other stick animations I've seen. Good job and good luck with future peices.

cobra0528 responds:

Thank you!

very random

Well it is certainly unique and random but it was quite a nice smooth and vibrant animation with relaxing music. keep it up

SkySausage responds:

thanks you, sir :)

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A fantastic adventure game that I keep coming back to on numerous occasions throughout the years, especially around October.

The game is what you would expect from a well made point and click. Even if it isn't some 40-hour p&c you would have to pay for, this game feels like the entire adventure is crushed down into a concentrated Halloween experience. It may be just a few hours long but just as enjoyable to play from start to finish.

A few of the puzzles can be a little obtuse. One case I remember this being is the use of a hamster.

Exellent game.

I thought this game was well planned out and executed beautifully.

The graphics were very crisp and entertaining, the story had a lot of humour, which I loved, the music was very vibrant and a pleasure to listen to, the difficulty of the game was crazy easy, even though, this game was mostly built on humour alone on what I can see.

I can't seem to point out any flaws, as I had so much fun playing it.
Good game sir, good game.

very nice

I always love old RPG adventure games that have good puzzles, fun exploring and some awsome music that fits very well with the style of gameplay.

On a side note of this I found a glitch. When you are flashing about and your contorting when the dark voice is talking to you after you beat the wizard, you can run through the left wall back outside onto the clouds. I thought you'd like to know.

A suggestion for improving is probably a few more harder puzzles and maybe a wider area to explore?

As for the story I don't really have anything to suggest for improvement. It was awesome all the way.

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